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The delayed birthday trip

I know she is going to kill me for posting this story. Then again, she might not even see this cause she does not check her email or texts or anything other than facebook for that matter, lol.

Anyhoo, my sister and I have offered to take mom on a bday vacation to any place in the world for FREE for the past I-don't-know-how-many years. Every year she can't decide where to go (for some reason she sees the offer as a once in a lifetime thing and whatever she chooses will be the only place she can go to - EVER). So guess what, we wouldn't go anywhere!

This last birthday we put the offer back on the table and again she could not decide. So we said forget it, we're not doing this another year. We will pick for you!

We kept it easy and decided on the 3 day - LA to Ensenada, Mexico cruise on the Carnival Inspiration. We didn't have to fly anywhere, it's was a quick weekend trip and very affordable so it was a no brainer.

Once the anxiety of choosing where to go was removed - she was able to get hyped about her first cruise (even though we were a month past her bday!). She coordinated our shirts for football Sunday, got to do her favorite things like bingo and hit the slots, and we ate and drank till we couldn't take any more. She really enjoyed herself and that's most important to me.

See mom - that wasn't so hard! Moral to this story: Don't think so hard on WHERE to go, gather your favorite people together and just GO! BTW: If you see my mom (cause I doubt she will see this) tell her I said to start planning now for this year so we can celebrate her on time!

Love you mommy!

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