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5 W's to planning your vacation

Year end bonuses are cashed and tax returns are rolling in..... it's prime season for travel planning! The last few weeks have been busy with requests so I decided to create a list - the 5 W's - to prepare you for your next vacation.


Confirm the number of adults & children (and how old they will be at the time of travel). If multiple rooms/cabins are needed, also confirm the room breakdown. Rates can change based on occupancy and group discounts can be applied if certain minimums are met.


This is a double WHAT: What is your vision? And what is your budget?

  • VISION - What do you see yourself doing on this trip? Relax or party? Cruise or hotel? Spa days or ATV rides? Two different travelers to the same city can have two completely different experiences. Communicating the vision for your trip will help ensure that you get the vacation of YOUR dreams!

  • BUDGET - Not sure why, but this is a touchy subject for many. Be honest with yourself and your travel consultant about how much you are willing to spend. No one likes to get pumped up about a trip and then get crushed by an outrageous price tag. It is our job to plan out the vision as best as possible but we need to do it with your comfortable price point.


If I got a dollar every time I heard "I want to go somewhere with a nice beach" I would be rich! There are literally thousands of nice beaches across the world. As a travel consultant I can offer suggestions on locations, but I need more info to work with. Not sure WHICH beach, that's ok, but at a minimum know which region of the world you want to go to. Miami? South Pacific? Italy? Be as specific as possible!


If you are looking to do a cruise or escorted tour - narrowing it down to a month is acceptable because the available dates depend on the supplier's existing schedule. However, if you are looking for independent tours or a resort stay, knowing your specific arrival and departure dates are a must! Things to consider when choosing a date are weather and major local events (ex. Japan in June of 2020 will be crowded/more expensive due to the Olympics)


There may be additional perks based on the WHY of your trip. Honeymoon, Anniversary and sometimes Birthday trips can include freebies like resort credits, dinners or other welcome packages. Let your travel consultant know if you are celebrating anything in particular!

Now that you know the 5 W's - click below if you are ready to plan your next vacay!

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