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How much are you willing to lose?

No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to pay for it, and if you have it I pray you never need to use it. I'm talking about travel insurance*. Here are my 3 reasons for always purchasing a policy before you depart:

1. Pre Trip coverage

Your boss called you in to work.... the leader of girl's weekend backed out.... the couple called off the wedding.... the airline you booked with filed for bankruptcy... and here you are with a fully paid trip. How are you going to get your money back?

Luckily many policies offer pre-trip cancellation coverage! If the amount you paid for the trip is not an amount you would be comfortable throwing away, then you need insurance.

2. Personal Effects & Transportation

Raise your hand if you've experience any of the following:

*lost or delayed luggage

*missed a connecting flight

*flight delay

*trip delay or interruption

Most of us have, but did you receive a refund check for it? Aha! That's another benefit that is available on many policies. Why not get paid for some of the most common inconveniences associated with travel?

3. Medical Benefits

Imagine walking down a beautiful cobblestone road in a remote village in the Swiss Alps and you trip on one of the stones and twist your ankle. Sounds like a minor medical issue, but guess what? The chances that the local clinic will accept your american medical card are SLIM to NONE! And what's worse is that they will likely require FULL payment, UPFRONT & in CASH just to see you. Well, many travel policies cover accidents, sickness and some medical emergency evacuations.

I know, I know... you're in good health, nothing will happen to you.... well did I tell you about the time I was in Hawaii with another agent and her filling fell out and needed emergency dental work? Or my friend who got food poisoning on a trip? Or when I got bit by Lord-Knows-What in Israel and my elbow swelled to the size of a golf ball and needed draining? I'm just saying - things happen!

So ask yourself: "how much am I willing to lose by traveling without insurance?" Trust me, paying pennies on the dollar to have peace of mind is worth it. When you know you are covered you can enjoy your vacation without a care in the world!

If you need assistance covering a trip, I can design a policy that fits your needs! Let's chat 😊

*Travel protection coverage & benefits will vary per policy. Check your policy for details

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